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This project began with the desire of sharing our knowledge and experiences with others, so that everyone can learn.

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An advantage of having a channel, blog, instagram, Engineering -twitter is that we are able to inspire. Everything serves as example for probable Astronomy/Aerospace/Astrophysics, etc… clubs that are formed and need advice on activities, ideas, and other creations since from experience, we know that it is difficult to find any information related to high school astrophysics clubs.

In this channel, we plan on sharing our informative and fun videos, projects, etc… and it will be specifically left for the club to continue in its future years, and existence.

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Learn about space!

Wormhole brief explanation

Wormholes were discovered theoretically by Nathan Rosen and Albert Einstein in 1935. During this time, these contemporary scientists studied the equations and formulas in which wormholes could exist. Through observations of given equations, possibilities of existing black-holes raised and the approach of an era of time travel emotion and ideas, officially began.

Rosen and Einstein, formulated the theory of general relativity which proposes the existence of such bridges through space and time.

These – Einstein Rosen bridges connect two different points in space-time (giving influence to multiverses). The connection of these points, creates a shortcut that therefore reduces the time efficiency or time required for the initial travel.


Naturally, you would’ve asked yourselves… How are black-hoels formed or from where do they appear? To answer this, blackholes are formed by the collapse of a dying star.A black hole does not create by itself, rather when there is a collapse during a star’s explosion or death.

“Stars expand as they grow old. As their core runs out of hydrogen and then helium, the core contacts and the outer layers expand, cool, and become less bright.”

Like this, wormholes are formed and created! It is important to investigate furthermore for an extensive understanding of these astrophysical wonders.

–Astrophysics Club (10/29/2016)



🌟Our Club✨

Motivation and passion guides us through everything that we do.

Astrophysics is the denomination of astronomy and physics. It is based upon the interest and guidance of studying celestial bodies and astronomical phenomenons that are largely set in our expanding universe.


As our school’s Astrophysics Club we set to discover what is further more the event horizon, and expand the existent knowledge of cosmology…

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It is the will to achieve that drives our purpose. Our common interest magnifies and the motivation that we uniquely possess enables the surprisingly well interaction between us all.

When learning and doing activities related with our focus, we better the possibilities of an expanding club “ever expanding unvierse” and bring to a point, the enlightment of scholarly practices.