✨🌙NEW YEAR: 2017🌙✨

Happy 2017 and Happy New Year!🌝

May this new year be a year filled with blessings, new hopes, dreams, goals to accomplish. Always remember those who are all alone wishing for a word and action of love/ affection.  Lots of love to all and hugs!💙💫 This is an AMAZING AND SPECTACULAR NEW YEAR.


The best wishes of prosperity and positivity to you, may you work daily towards your purpose always remembering to help others as you do so.

Happy New Year 2017!

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International Science Centre and Science Museum Day

Today is International Science Centre and Science Museum Day. I work at a science centre, but I am also a strong supporter of science museums and science education. Science education is extremely important, especially in days like these when anti-science is gaining a foothold in mainstream thinking. And because of the election of Donald Trump, […]

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Your Motivated-Self

Be the Millionaire you have always wanted to.

Be the Person you have Dreamt of.

Have the courage you have imagined.

Have the Confidence that lives within you.

“You are Capable of Great Things.” – The Sky is not the Limit.


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–Astrophysics Angie


Falcon 9, JCSAT-16 Launch🚀

August, 14, 2016 for ET (eastern time) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Space Launch Complex 40.

The rocket launch is SpaceX JCSAT-16. Its mission is carrying the JCSAT-16 communication satellite for Tokyo’s sky Perfect JSAT, to continue enabling stable satellite services. This satellite aboard Falcon 9 supports current exposures in the Ku and Ka band for the Japanese Market. When the Space System Local-built comm SAT launches, it will mark the 8 mission this year carried out by Hawthorne, California based SpaceX.

This flight makes the second time Space X has lofted a payload on behalf of Japanese Corporation Sky Perfect JSAT Corp. The first was JCSAT-14 launched May,6,2016.

Once JCSAT-16 on orbit, it will be controlled by the JSAT telecommunications firm. According to NASASpaceFlight.com it is based on the SSSL-1300 bus and was constructed by Space Systems Loral.

It is targeted to reside at 162 degrees east longitude in a geostationery orbit. It’ll employ its array of Ku and Ka band transponders and antennas to provide communications services across Asia. Serving as backup for JSAT’s Superbird B2 Satellite (launched on an Ariane 4 booster in 2000).

This Space X Falcon 9 mission includes a secondary objective of landing the first stage on OCISLY (❤Of Course I Still Love You❤) the droneship in the Atlantic Ocean.


–Astrophysics Angie (12:35am EDT)


Shelter Dog

When will it stop? When will the day come…

The abuse happens anually, monthly, weekly, each hour, minute, second… There is no place where we can find peace. We live in a destructive and cruel place where humans act nothing human and we suffer all along. It is a nightmare. it is a war. A constant shock and pain flashes through our interior beings, and we only think of love and kindness towards these abusive souls. We repeat the same question daily, and we only want to find a home. When will we be loved, and cared for? For what is my life, rather than being in an extremely painful jail with thousands of loving souls that only want to be loved … like I want.

When the sunrise comes, and we lay down… tiresome of the barkings, shoutings, and tearings of our soundless voices that get run over by the daylight; we think about the fortune of those living peacefully with their families in protection and in care. Why can’t we live the same lives? Are we destined to excruciating pain and suffering? What is happening to these “humans”? Are they now giving value to minuscule aspects of life, while shoving to the distance, careless our sentiments and emotions? Don’t they realize that we feel too!

But then… when the moon goes down, and the sun floats up… we fill ourselves with energy and compassion. We wait, and wait. We continue waiting…… but noone ever comes. The day passes by, we are given what we need to survive, but it does not mend our shattered hearts. The sunlight starts to fade, and again we only wait.. for that loving soul that will make our heart a whole. But simply, it never occurs and our lives go by as sad as can be, with torture and pain, with neglection and rejection… day by day.

The day comes to an end, and today is my day. Today is the day that I will enter the Death Row room which is the room where we all end our lives in. A room full of misery, sadness, and tears. A room where our voices expand to infinity because we are speakers of our faithful hearts, but voiceless of our humans ears. It came today for me, and I will no longer be… Inside of the waiting area, because I now have left this life, not knowing what a “human” can be.

-Elvis a dog from a nearby shelter (Astrophysics Angie)


Good Notice…… Buena noticia — Trabajo Social Contemporáneo ✨

El 90% de nuestros genes se manifiestan en nuestro subconsciente de tal manera que nuestro subconsciente controla nuestras vidas. La buena noticia es que podemos codificarlos de acuerdo a la manera como hablamos, sentimos, pensamos y utilizamos nuestras emociones. Investigaciones desarrolladas por cientìficos rusos han descubierto que en el 90% de nuestra genètica esta el […]

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