A “Behind the Hollywood Scenes” secret

Hollywood is the place for glow and star shine.

Actors and actresses work towards their success, inspiring and making others laugh, cry of fear of happiness, of anger. Through their scenes that depict a variety of topics -many of which teach us life lessons- emotions are touched. Despite the grandeur that a life like this can bring, it is not all fame and glory.

Behind the scenes, in the lives of the actors and actresses, producers, managers and else, secrets that are rather unfortunate exist upon the shadow of publicity and recognition.

Mysteries to unravel that  involve the lives of children actors & actresses, aspiring famous kids, there lives a secret that is disturbing and negative for the kids endeavoring towards a life of notoriety.

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The 1996 dot-com company failure of “DEN” (Digital Entertainment Network) that opened its site in May of 1999 was founded by alleged pedophile Marc Collins Rector, collapsed and was filed for bankruptcy after a 75 million dollar IPO was cancelled in February 2000.

The two other founders of DEN:


Chad Shackley (left) and Brock Pierce (right).

The trio worked collaboratively as a team directing and featuring the Internet show “Chad’s World” which dived into topics regarding gender, being gay at the time, the refusal from the parents and acceptance from friends and else.

The secret and aftermath of this show is that, after filming, they used to have hefty gay parties where the main rule was to go inside the pool completely naked. They induced the protagonists from the show which were only teenage boys, and sat them on their laps. The abuse went on until the collapse of the show and soon the kids came to testify the exploitation they were enduring, all part of “being on the Hollywood light”.

“Pierce, a former child actor (The Mighty Ducks), was 17 when he began making $250,000 a year as a co-founder of the digital studio with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley, with whom he lived in the Encino mansion. All were sued in 2000 by Egan and fled to Spain. Discovered there, Collins-Rector was extradited and pleaded guilty to federal sex charges, but Shackley and Pierce were not charged, and Pierce settled the 2000 suit.” –⭐The Hollywood Reporter⭐

It is now that only Marc Collins Rector, one of the alleged abusers, is condemned in prison while the duo of Chad and Brock remain un-apprehended by the law.

One of the protagonists of the show was Brian Stark, a teen by the time. He was one of the principal people impacted negatively (abused) during his time at DEN.


History and Internet Archives bring us back to the original website that DEN used:  http://den.net/ Dating to an overall outlandish look in part because of the evolution of the Internet, and DEN’s (Digital Entertainment Network) nature as one of the first websites.


Just as there are and were positive sites and enjoyable environments on the web, there were also negative edges. Subliminal messages can be interpreted by the ludicrous look of their page… it could possibly be a sword.

Now, what’s there to think? What are we left with? Is this worth it? For the minds of the children, how can they endure an abuse thinking it’s normal, as a step towards their dreamt life. The damage and trauma provoked… is it worth it ? One of the famous quotes in Hollywood (although not veridical): “There is no easy way”, yet, can that even be applied to this situation?

Of course not, a life should not be put in danger nor taught to see an abuse as normal.

What do you think about this on-going Hollywood secret? Leave your opinion below.

April ~ National Poetry Month

Everyone has their own way of being, which at the most could be classified into a group of “average” and at the least, it wouldn’t make technical sense. Be yourself in everything you do. Everything and everyone is a mirror of you, and as you look at others you reflect upon them. Transmit the best energies from within’.


Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow. ~A.P.J. Abdul Kalam




There are no strangers, only friends that you haven’t yet met. ~William Butler Yeats